A homeowner in Glenview, Ill is having problems getting her house to sell, so to sweeten the deal she bought $1,000 worth of booze to entice prospective buyers to take a second look at the home and emphasize the nearby nightlife of the town.  Full Story here


My Opinion: This certainly is an interesting incentive to make buyers think twice.  But there are a lot of homes on the market so how do you make yours more noticeable?  The first and most important rule is to have your home prices right.  That does not mean what the homeowner thinks it is worth, but what the market is saying people will pay for it.  Especially in this market when home values are hurting, prospective buyers are looking for VALUE in a home, which comes to my second point.  The second most important rule is if you are serious about selling your home, it needs to be presentable.  I’m not saying it needs to be staged but it will give you a huge advantage over the home down the street.  In today’s market, especially, homebuyers are looking for that value and are looking for a home that they feel comfortable in and are ready to move into.  Lets say there are two homes on the market, both are priced correctly but home A is clean and staged, and B has 3 children and the house is a wreck…which home will sell?  -Getting back to the homeowner in Glenview, there are a lot of ways to make your home more vibrant to buyers, the $1,000 of liquor is a great idea.  Think of similar incentives to help your home be worth its value!


Bill Allen




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